Mani Monday : 'Bouquet' by Dior


It's been exactly one week since my last post and I am really sorry for that but my boyfriend had some serious tests for university and I was studying with him all the time. Luckily they went really good so normal life is back for some months. I have already shown you 'Porcelaine' and 'Bloom' from Dior's spring collection here and here - this week I'll show you the last colour I got my hands on : 'Bouquet'.
It's a beautiful corally colour and perfect for spring and summer season ! I am just madly in love with all of Dior's spring shades and I already can't wait till they bring out their summer collection.

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  1. was für eine wundervolle Frühlingsfarbe! So eine Nuance suche ich schon lange..kommt auf meine Wunschliste!
    Lg Christin
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  2. Als erstes: Dein Blog ist der Wahnsinn!
    & deine Posts gefallen mir total :)



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